Consultants for Maritime / Underwater Archaeology, and Marine Remote Sensing

EnviroPro Consulting is a consortium of qualified maritime and cultural resources technical experts.  Specializing in the identification shipwrecks and submerged cultural resources, EnviroPro Consulting is headed by Dr. Mitch Marken a veteran underwater archeologist who has worked internationally since 1984.  

Mitch Marken, Ph.D.

Summary Biography


A native Californian who currently resides in Dana Point, Ca., Dr. Marken graduated from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland where he earned his Ph.D. in maritime archaeology.  Concentrating his research on Spanish Galleons, his field experience included supervising the excavation of Mel Fisher’s find- the Atocha - in the Florida Keys, under requirements of the state of Florida.

Gaining an international reputation, he has consulted on several other famous projects in the Caribbean, Bermuda, Britain, Greece, Mexico, Guatemala, Vietnam, and Ecuador to name a few.  For the past decade, Mitch has also worked as a Native American and archaeological consultant to US government agencies on highly sensitive projects throughout the western United States and Hawaii.  He is a former University of San Francisco professor.

Most recently (October, 2008), the PBS series History Detectives featured him as an archaeological expert helping their team discover the origins of a mysterious marking on an ancient block of wax that washed up on the Oregon coast. Other past appearances include the BBC documentary series Discoveries Underwater, and for the History Channel, The Curse of the Somers: Billy Budd’s Ghost Ship.

Mitch’s work in both underwater and land-based archaeology earned him a feature in a national public school textbook entitled Lessons in Character published by Young People’s Press in San Diego as well as a full page article in the San Francisco Examiner/Chronicle. The culmination of his travels and research is presented in his book Pottery from Spanish Shipwrecks: 1500 - 1800, published by the University Press of Florida. 

EnviroPro Consulting owns and operates a 48' vessel that can accommodate an entire suite of marine remote sensing equipment.